Richard Tee, Wesley Plass, Lenny Pickett, Dieter Petereit and Dave Weckl live 1984

“Mister Winelight” my song from 1977
I only made my international breakthrough at the age of 27. It was recorded in February 1984 in Zurich. The TV premiere was not until 1985, however. The participants were Dave Weckl drums Lenny Pickett sax Richard Tee piano & vocals Dieter Petereit bass and me .. My very personal thanks go to Hermann Weindorf, Peter Jaques, the director Werner Kägi and Kurt Gfeller the young editor of the program who died shortly afterwards. Thanks for everything Kurt

Frumpy Reunion 1991

The Hamburg band Frumpy was founded in 1969. Drummer Carsten Bohn, French keyboardist Jean-Jacques Kravetz, bassist Karl-Heinz Schott and a little later singer Inga Rumpf joined them. Frumpy quickly gained international respect and recognition shows, among other things, a tour with Yes or the fact that Tina Turner adapted a Frumpy song …

In 1971 guitarist Rainer Baumann joined them. By 1973 three studio long-playing records were released and a live recording album “All Will Be Changed” 1970 “Frumpy 2” 1971 “By The Way” 1972 “Live” 1973

In 1972 the band split up and the individual members successfully realized their solo projects

In 1990 the band re-formed and by 1995 followed several tours and three more albums “Now!” 1990 “News” 1991 and. “Live Ninetyfive” 1995.

The musicians on the video are Inga Rumpf vocals Carsten Bohn drums Wesley Plass guitars Ken Taylor bass Jean-Jacques Kravetz piano organ Andreas Zabel keyboards. Bobby Stern sax / harp This line-up also played the Frumpy CD “News” in 1991, together with friends like Peter Maffay and others at the Chateau du Pape Studios in Hamburg. Here you can see the final concert in the ‘Grosse Freiheit’ on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg in November 1991.

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