"Don't say it's over"

Demotape with Johnny Logan 2006
Producers/Composers Andy Linse & Johnny Logan

At the No A Studio they recorded all the guitars with me, but the song has never been released...

"Heit Drah I Mi Ham", Georg Danzer

Producer Ed Tötzl / Coproducers Dieter Kolbeck and Stephan Maass

From one of my favorite CD's that I´ve worked on! Ambros Reloaded, I was booked to play guitar on the title “Hofa“, but ended up playing 6-7 songs and later together with Hannes Treiber we mixed the whole CD.

"Darum Lieb Ich Dich Noch Mehr"

My song with Udo Lindenberg “Darum Lieb Ich Dich Noch Mehr“. I wrote the song and played the guitars on the Phönix Albums. Udo has changed the melody and holds 50% of the royalties, but 50% for a song on a smash hit album is more than a 100% from nothing. Thanks Udo for your trust, I was happy as a lamb, as your carreer rised up again in the 2010s... go on and on...

“We Are The Strong“

Jennifer Rush from Willy Bogner´s Soundtrack “Fire Ice and Dynamite“, produced by Harold Faltermeyer

I´m stranglin the electric guitars on all of the tracks, exept the song from Deep Purple... of course!

"Born To Reach"

produced by Henry Staroste

A Flop from the 80s, buuut nice...

Queen Of Spades produced by Henry Staroste, with the song "Born To Reach" , little wesi on the battle axe... the whole album is contaminated with my guitars... shame we did not make it onto the stage

"Stop That! (Fuck You)", Bayernpower

Bayernpower with the song “Fuck you“ was forbidden in German radio stations, I was in the band with Andy Linse one of my best friend out of three. Armin Pertl was the singer. Together we were groovin´ in all the country discos. The german version of “Funky Cold Medina“ was our hit single.

“Alles Ist Gut“ Doro

Songwriters: Henry Staroste / Doro Pesch / Wesley Plass – the Producer was Gene Simmons from KISS

I was not allowed to play the guitar on the production because I am not jewish, not even circumcised, that is just not on

“Ain´t No Mountain High Enough“

composed by Ashford and Simpson
produced, arranged and performed by Hannes Treiber and myself

The singer is Hubert Tubbs, former lead singer of Tower Of Power, Back-ground vocals are the Rounder Girls from Vienna.

“Stranger In My Hometown“

Dennis Jale and the TCB Band the Grandsigneurs von Elvis Presley since 1968, written by Percy Mayfield

I was hired to be their Producer, wow! Recording started on the 14.august 2009 in Nashville and we continued recording overdubs and did the final mix at No A Studio in Langenlois/Austria. One of these legends is James Burton , Godfather of chicken picking…and the inventor of the “ Suzie Q. Riff“, see credits for all the sirs...

“Stoned Junkies“ TAX

written by Curtis Mayfield

My live highlight TAX together with Wally Warning, Eberhard Wilhelm and me. Hundreds of gigs between 1980 -1982, we were writing and producing by ourselves and also playing our asses off, with Jonas Gabriel lightdesign, Thomas Molin soundengineer, Christoph Böhm soundengineer and many others. Recording and mixing the album “TAX“ was at the Weryton Studios in Munich by Berthold Weindorf.

“Live For Love“ TAX

“Mr. Winelight“ Wesley Plass

My international breakthrough came at the ripe old age of 29, at least it came! February 1985 in Zürich/Switzerland with Dave Weckl on drums, Lenny Pickett sax, Richard Tee piano & rhodes & vocals, Dieter Petereit bass and a shy Wesley on the Blues Strat... My special thanks go to Hermann Weindorf, Peter Jaques, Werner H.Kägi, Regisseur and Kurt Gfeller, the managing editor of the program, who shortly after the show left us much too early. Thank you for everything Kurt!